Episode 45

Published on:

8th Feb 2021

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me - Part 5: Don't Go It Alone - Fellowship Leads to Recovery

Thanks for tuning into Part 5 of our series, "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me." On this episode, Jodi Salvo has an in-depth conversation with a man who's been in recovery for 26 years. John Bazaar shares his story with alcoholism that began when he first left his childhood home at 18 years old.

Growing up, John's family never introduced him to substance use. In fact, they never even had alcohol in the home. However, one detail he never learned until he was older is that his grand father struggled with addiction. John highlights this key point that parents need to talk to their kids about addiction, how it works, and what the consequences are. Denying a family member has a problem, or denying that a family member COULD develop a problem, does not avoid the problem - it actually increases the likelihood.

When John went to college, he developed alcoholism within just a few weeks. He drank to fit in with his friends, and he drank because he liked the drunk effect and feeling like he was Superman. He reflects now that he had no clue the depth of trouble he was in.

John struggled with his addiction for years, working various jobs while trying to finish his engineering degree. But every time his addiction knocked him down, he blamed someone or something else. It wasn't until years later that he finally took responsibility for his actions. He was introduced to a 12-step program, and everything changed when he realized he wasn't alone - there were other people just like him struggling with the same things. For years, John had failed to conquer his addiction alone. But through his new fellowship and community, he was finally able to overcome the alcohol.

This brief summary doesn't do justice to John's incredible story. You'll be moved by his open and honest story and his willingness to share with anyone who needs to hear it.

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