Episode 4

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20th Apr 2020

What Your Alcohol Usage Says to Your Kids - Diana Smith, Tammy Thacker, and Hannah Yoder Are Back!

Diana Smith, Tammy Thacker, and Hannah Yoder are back! The ladies rejoin Jodi as they discuss the different messages that parents' alcohol use sends to their kids. Especially now, when we're all in our homes together, parents need to be cognizant of their actions and what they're doing and saying.

Sure, "Wine with DeWine" is funny...but wine at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday? Probably not the message your 11-year old should be receiving. Alcohol sales are up almost 75% during this time, and we all need to be aware of our words and actions.

Also, do you know about the Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign? Are you aware of the severe punishments you could face if you allow underage drinking in your home? Don't be in the dark about these issues! Tune in to this episode to find out more information.

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